I am as old as the pyramids.

The pharaohs knew my name.

I am a Saluki.

Imhotep Salukis brings breeding to a whole new level!

Imhotep Salukis stands for beautyful type, sweet character and long-lived health in Salukis!

Imhotep Salukis is founded in Belgium by Naturopathic Veterinarian Patricia Borstel. 

The conviction  is to breed Natural Reared Saluki puppies based on the laws of health found in nature and with the knowledge of the new genetics called 'epigenetics', the study of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a chemical free environment on health, fertility and reproduction. 

Imhotep Salukis is the first Saluki Breeding Center that is approved by the Natural Rearing Breeders Association in the US.

The goal is to breed beautyful, happy, healthy and long-lived Saluki puppies and be a mentor for the new puppy owners by providing a wellness education programm and a lifelong health support.

I, Patricia, am committed to improve the health of the Saluki. I have done my research, I have studied naturopathy as a lifestyle, the rawfood diet for carnivores and I have studied epigenetics. I know the influence from the diet, the environment and lifestyle on reproduction and health. I use for my breedingprogramm only dogs that are clinically healthy and had a yearly bloodexam and Doppler Echo without clinical findings. I feed my Salukis a raw food diet. I use no chemicals on or around my Salukis, such as floorcleaners, garden pesticides, flea and tick chemicals. My Salukis receive minimal vaccinations, the ones that are required by law.

My mentor is Jeannie Thomason, VND, author of the book 'Natural Rearing. Breeding and raising dogs, the way nature intended.', founder of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association and co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She has a 30 year experience in Natural Rearing showdogs, poodles and Boston Terriers. She has convinced me there is only one way to breed healthy puppies: the natural way!

I rear the puppies in my home, where they have contact with humans and cats. When they are ready to go outside they have contact with other dogs and horses.

All puppybyers receive information on health and food. I remain available to my puppybyers for the life of the puppy as a mentor and to educate in natural rearing.

I place my puppies in homes where they have the best chances to have a home for lifetime. I do not accept that a puppy ends up in a shelter. I take back puppies at any time during their life, either to stay at my home or to be replaced to another home. I do not sell to commercial facilities or dealers.

I screen each prospective puppybyer to ensure that the home is appropriate for the puppy. I prefer homes where the puppy will continue to be reared naturally. The welfare of the puppy is the most important factor in considering a placement.

From Russia with love,

I fly to you,

Much wiser since my goodbye to you,

I've travelled the world to learn,

I must return,

From Russia with love,

Mufih & Senya


The first Imhotep Saluki puppies are born the 8th december 2018: 3 males and 4 females.

Mother is Mufih Na Malikah Al Jamaal Djaal Lhilal, foundation bitch of Imhotep Salukis. You can read all about her on the page Salukis.


Father is Quanmarra Taliesin, born in Australia out of Ahmadi Interviewwithavampire and Supreme Champion Quanmarra Kareja. He is called 'Senya' and lives in Russia with his owner Antonina Antonova. Senya became Russian Junior Champion, Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Cyprus Champion. His Doppler echo showed no heartproblems and he is clinically healthy.

The breeding was prepared with bloodsamples to determine LH-peak and progesteron. Senya's semen was checked for fertility. The breeding was performed natural.