Mufih Na Malikah Al Jamaal Djaal Lhilal is the foundation bitch of Imhotep Salukis

She is named by friends in the showworld as 'Snowflake'. At home she is called 'Mufih'.

Mufih was born the 24th february 2013 in the Belgian Saluki Kennel 'Djaal Lhilal'. Her mother is Multichampion Hera Djaal Lhilal, who's father is Crufts Winner Glenoak Inqi. Mufih's father is World Winner 2015 Jamaalamir Djaal Lhilal, who's father is the famous Veteran World Winner 2017 Dabka's Italy from Sweden ad who's mother is World Winner 2006 Caitlyn Djaal Lhilal.

Mufih started her showcareer as a rising little star, powered by her will te be close with her owner and handler and to make her happy, she was very succesful in the show and collected an impressive list of titles.

Mufih started with a participation in Baby Class in Belgium and she acted as a pro. Her second show was in Puppy Class in Aarau Switzerland and she went right away to Runner Up Best In Show Puppy. In San Marino she became Best Junior in Show and then she made a big surprise: at the age of 9 months she became in Amsterdam two times Best Bitch with two different judges and she received the title of Amsterdam Youth Winster and Amsterdam Winster on the same day, followed by a Best in Show Junior 3. From there she went on and on winning many BOB's and Group 10 placements.

Mufih is a pleasure to show, she acts like she has nothing to do with the whole circus, but in the ring she knows what must be done, she shows herself proudly and she knows when she wins.

Mufih also received her Coursing Licence in Switzerland, but she thinks it's a stupid thing to run behind an artificial or dead rabbit. She prefers to run with her little horse friend in the pasture.


Mufih's Titles

Europa Titles

Europa Sieger VDH 2016

FCI Euro Sighthound Winner 2016

Special achievements

Top Bitch 2016 Germany (total of 168 bitches)

Best Junior in Show San Marino 2013

Best In Show Polish Sighthound Club Show in Konopiska-Czestochowa 2017

Youth Titles

Youth Champion of Belgium

Youth Champion Of Luxembourg

Yoth Champion of the Netherlands

Youth Champion of Germany VDH

Yout Champion of Germany DWZRV

Youth Champion of Switzerland

Youth Champion of San Marino

Youth Champion of Moldova

Youth Champion of Cyprus

Country Titles

Champion of Belgium

Champion of Austria

Champion of Germany VDH

Champion of Germany DWZRV

Champion of Denmark

Champion of Luxembourg

Champion of Italy

Champion of Czechia

Champion of Switzerland

Champion of San Marino

Champion of the Netherlands

Champion of Poland

Benelux Champion

International Champion

Winner Titles

Belgian Winner 2015

Amsterdam Youth Winner 2013

Amsterdam Winner 2013

German Winner 2014

German Winner 2016

Benelux Winner Netherlands 2015

Benelux Winner Belgium 2015

Benelux Winner Luxembourg 2014

Other Titles

Grand Champion of San Marino

Top Dog San Marino 2015

Saarland Sieger 2014

Saarbr├╝cken Sieger 2014

Leipzig Sieger 2014

Rostock Sieger 2014

Other qualifications

Certificate of Admission to breed


Mufih lives a Naturopathic Lifestyle in perfect harmony with nature. Her home is a farm close to three Natural Reserves. She shares her pasture with the Spannish stallion Cayman, she shares her garden and forest with her little horse friend Caramel and she shares her home with the Ragdoll Cat Avalon.

Mufih's Health Tests

Yearly Blood Exams reveal no health problems

Yearly Doppler Echo reveal no heartproblems


Mufih's Diet

A diet appropriate for Carnivores: Raw meat, organs and bones


Mufih's Vaccination History

Mufih was vaccinated and dewormed by the breeder before she came at my home. She is detoxed from vaccines and chemicals and receives only vaccines that are required by law.

Great recourses on side effects of vaccines are: How to immunize your dog without vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic and Mark of the beast hidden in plain sight by Dr Patricia Jordan.






Photography E. De Man